Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Good Primer Can Change Your Life

So my oldest son has broken my heart and left me at home while he goes to summer camp for the first time. Thank GOD for Pinterest!  As it has given me plenty of ideas to keep me busy. Of course, my son's messy room also occupied a little bit of time as well.

I had the old piano bench. My grandmother had it in the house when I was a kid. Strangely, we didn't have a piano so I don't know the back story as to how it came to our lives but it did. I used to use it as a teachers desk when I played school. Anyway....years ago my house was primitive country and I painted it green and drew a scene on it. I am not the skilled artist so I painted over it with a cream acrylic paint. I know ...cream.79cent paint from Michaels Craft... over green!!  What was I thinking?? The bench has been used to pile stuff on and has been underloved for some time. I needed to make it functional. It has too much sentimental value to get rid of so I decided to paint it.

So I dragged the bench out to the garage and began the process.

You can see in the above picture a little bit of the scene I had previously painted. Very country but hey don't judge me on my previous bad taste.
I can seriously not say enough about this primer!! It is AMAZING!!! I saw it on Pinterest and the poster stated that you could use this as a primer WITHOUT sanding. I nearly fell over at the thought! BUT IT'S TRUE!!!  NO LIE!!  I gave the bench one coat of Zinsser primer and then a coat of Ace paint in Turquoise Bay.(It was one of the "paint pods". It's a small sample of the paint and my Ace was clearancing them so it was a whopping 2.67 with tax!! Chaching!!) At this point I haven't done anything else to do it. I was kind of thinking I may put some padding and upholster the seat and add some nail heads. I also considered stenciling on it but decided that was too much a step back in time. Soo...I left it. There was something about it being plain and painted that spoke to me. Tomorrow it may be screaming at me to do something more with it but for today.....

The pillows are upcycled as well and will take pics soon and post about those. They are soooo super easy and NO SEW!! The books that are on the desks are actually antique school books that I used to play school with also.  But I have to say Zinsser primer has absolutely opened up an whole new world for me. Nothing is safe from paint in my house now, except for maybe the dog. 

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