Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Accepting the "Crooked Picture" Adventure

So I have tried blogging before. I tried blogging primarily based on my love of scrapbooking. But since I am not the most regular scrapbooker on the planet, I just got off track. So over the course of a couple years I blogged about 2 dozen times and most entries began with..."wow, I can't believe how long it's been".  I fancy myself to be slightly more original than that and yet I wasn't.

I have recently become a Pinterest stalker and have let myself escape into new areas of painting furniture and doing some DIY projects.  THAT has led me to embrace the idea of blogging again.  So I am going to try this again and not limit myself to scrapbooking. Today I am blabbering, next time maybe it's something I have cooked or baked, or a project, a book I have read, or make up or shoes or whatever randomness is coursing through my brain.

I would definately forewarn you of a few things. I love the idea of beautiful, perfectly styled home. Mine, however, is not that!  I have a REAL home, with REAL kids, REAL problems, and REALISTIC budgets. I tend to read blogs that seem to encompass the perfect house, perfect degree of tidiness, perfect, PERFECT, PERFECT!!  When I walk away I shake my head thinking....."they don't really live like that". So this is not a blog that is going to be filled with a "Martha Stewart" mentality. I like getting ideas from her but sometimes I just want to choke on the perfection of it all. I was walking around my house today, wondering want task would I take on and what would I leave for another day, when I noticed a crooked picture. I tried to fix it but just can't get the stupid thing straight. So I left it....collective gasp's not going to kill anyone and it doesn't make me a bad person or bad mom, wife or housekeeper. It just means I don't define myself by that picture being straight. Thus, the title for this blog.

So with new vigor and lots of ideas floating around in my head I am going to embark on this lifestyle blog.

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