Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saddle on up to the Bar

So last week I was on a bender, no pun intended, to keep busy. On Friday I painted my kitchen table and chairs and ambitiously brought the bar stools out to the garage as well. Once I got busy with the table and chairs I thought there was no way I would do the bar stools. They would be waiting til another day. BUT I ran out of paint for the table so I since I was off to the hardware store anyway, I took a peek for a little something something for the bar stools. Thanks to my facebook friend and cousin, I eyed this can of spray paint that makes your object of affection look like hammered metal. I thought it would be perfect in my kitchen that I am trying to modernize a bit. So I grabbed it.

I started with typical, inexpensive barstools that were originally white on the bottom with an oak seat. I had already painted them red then black and now onto an new, and likely final incarnation of metal.

As usual I started with my FAVORITE primer in the world, Zinsser. 

Then I sprayed the legs with the hammered silver spray paint and the seat with Ace's orange taffy. I have to say again how I love their paint pods...perfect for small projects like this.

This is the final result. I really like how it turned out. I am just realizing that this picture is sooo out of focus. I suppose maybe I should start carrying my reading glasses on a chain like an old lady because when I looked at the screen on the camera when I shot this pic it looked perfect. Ooop.

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